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Bubblegum Strain Review

Published on 10 Oct 2018 / In Strain/Product reviews

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Bubblegum Strain Review

Bubblegum straight from Indiana is one of the most mysterious yet sought after strains. The lineage is unknown, but what IS known as fact, is that this strain is one of the dankest indica dominant hybrids of cannabis known to man. This strain review was over a year in the making. I've had these bubblegum nugs curing the whole time in my stash box.

Just like the name would lead you to believe this particular strain tastes just like fruity bubblegum and leaves it's beautiful notes lingering on the tongue hit after hit. It's a creeper strain for sure! Much like the Arcata Trainwreck it creeps up on you and can really get you when you aren't expecting it! I downed two bowls of this wonderful Bubblegum in my bong, and loved every single second of it. Look how stoned I am by the end of the video! That should be your sign right there, that this strain of cannabis is one for the books!

Bottom line is simple, if you can find the bubblegum strain in your local recreational shop or medical dispensary, get it. You won't be disappointed as long as you're getting legit bubblegum.

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