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Weed Review Chocolope Strain Review

Published on 10 Oct 2018 / In Strain/Product reviews

Today I am reviewing the Chocolope strain grown here in Arizona. This beauty is 95% sativa and 5% indica, I have been seeing great results with this strain and asthma sufferers. Before I do any of my reviews I research the strain, I look for the thc level, cbd levels, the effect, the symptoms the strain is supposed help correct, and any adverse reactions. When I looked up Chocolope I saw this warning; “people who are sensitive to psychedelic or paranoid effects might to exercise caution” so let us try this and see what happens…
This is a very flavorful bud, it has a honey dew and chocolate taste however, it needs about another week of flush, and these buds were a little dry for my liking. The smoke is thick and is a little harsh on my throat, in all honesty I would infuse this bud into something spicy and sweet like a BBQ sauce.
Over all not to bad, but I think I want to re-review this strain again at a later date. I give this Chocolope a 3 bud rating, I’m not sure she was ready to be harvested but definitely flush longer to allow the natural taste to prevail. This strain helped a little with my pain I started out at about an 8 and it went down to a 6, it didn’t enhance my appetite, I was uplifted and energetic, creative, however this strain didn’t help me control the shakes. The shakes are a side effect from all the cancer treatments I’ve been through when my pain levels go up I can no longer control the shaking, cannabis calms my nervous system down and allows me to take a couple of deep breaths and calm down otherwise it’s a vicious circle of vomiting and pain and that’s no way for anyone to live.

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